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Short Video Reveals #1 Easiest Way To Make Money Online (For Beginners Only!)

Folks - while the testimonials on this page are 100% true, they are NOT designed to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they're designed to give you an idea of what's possible if YOU are dedicated to YOUR OWN success and if YOU are willing to follow instructions, put in the effort, and grow as an entrepreneur. Be sure to check out our full income disclaimer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch... is this system going to cost me $1,000's of dollars after my 10- Day $1 trial?
Nope. It won't cost you thousands of dollars or anything like that. 10 days gives you plenty of time to see if the system is as easy as I say it is. And if you like it, you'll be able to keep it for about $1/day.

What if I'm really techie... is this system for me? And if so, can I add my own products, modify the sales funnels & adjust the ad copy as I see fit?
Sorry, but if you're really techie and you have your own products/services to sell then this system isn't for you. There are plenty of great systems out there that allow you to make your own sales funnels & sell your own products, but not WebCopyCat. Our system was specifically created for people who don't want to mess with any of that stuff. This is a 100% done-for-you system... so if you don't want us to just do everything for you, then this system isn't for you.

Do I have full control over the email list you guys are building for me?
ABSOLUTELY! We set the system up so that people go onto YOUR email list. If you ever want to contact them, you can. If you want to learn how to email them, we can teach you. And if you ever leave WebCopyCat, you still have FULL ACCESS to your list because we don't control that.

How quickly can I make money? Can I really make money in as little as 1 to 2 days?
Yes, you could POTENTIALLY make money in as little as 1 to 2 days. Is it guaranteed? NO. But let me show you a "best case" scenario. Let's pretend you sign up for WebCopyCat at 8 AM Monday morning and you order your done-for-you set up by 8:45. If you're the first set-up we have to do that day, we'll have you set up by 12 noon. We tell you (at 12 noon) that you're all set up, and you go ahead and order your traffic (which takes you about 7 minutes to do). Let's then pretend that the traffic supplier doesn't have a bunch of people ahead of you and can start sending your website visitors right away, you COULD (in theory) start getting people on your email list (as well as commission notifications) the same day. But a lot of stuff has to go exactly right for that to happen. Please don't expect it to happen exactly like this. I just wanted to give you an example of how it could potentially work. It will more than likely take a little longer than the example I just shared, especially if the done-for-you traffic suppliers are a little backed up.

What if I've never made money online before and I don't have an email list and I don't even know what an auto-responder is?
PERFECT! This system was designed specifically for people just like you. Having to do all of that 'techie' stuff yourself usually makes it hard for people to succeed, that's why we set it all up for you.

Ok, so what if I get you to do all of the set-up for me and I order traffic and no-one buys anything?
Not to worry. We'll be following up with them for you for as long as you're a member and we're always adding new stuff to sell. So, someone who hits your site on March 1st might not buy something on March 1st, but because we're doing the follow-up/selling for you...they might end up buying something on March 20th. They might also end up buying something on April 12th and June 16th and September 27th because we're going to keep following up with them for you and offering them stuff to buy! Whenever they buy, you make money...CHA-CHING!

What are the other costs aside from the really small monthly fee that kicks in after my 10-Day trial is up?
The only thing we ask is that you cover the 1-time cost for setting up your system. It takes my staff a few hours to do it, so if you'll just cover their hourly cost (about $12/hour for 2 or 3 hours), that's all I ask. Other than that, anything else (like the amount of traffic you want sent to your new sales-websites for you) is based off your budget.

Are you really going to set everything up for me? Look... I'm serious, I don't mind paying for you to do this stuff but I don't want to have to learn how to set things up or drive traffic.
LOL - I get it. And I promise that we'll handle all of the set up and traffic driving and follow up and selling and all that stuff for you. This system was literally created so that you can get started with about 40 minutes worth of "work" (i.e. just getting accounts and ordering traffic and getting my staff the things they need). After that, you're done. However if you decide that you want to take your business to the next level (while we STILL do all of the follow up and selling for you) then we've got that option for you too. We'll even show you ways to sell stuff to your list that can generate $500 - $3,000 commissions in a single sale!

To Your Success,